Adam Meyer is the Most Legit Handicapper Period

They say with great wealth comes great responsibility. Well that is certainly true for the worlds most renowned and respected sports handicapper Adam Meyer of Real Money Sports. Adam has been featured in Businesswire, Cigar Aficionado, The Wall Street Journal, ESPN, and numerous other publications that have showcased his amazing ability to win and beat out the bookmakers each and every football season.

Thanks to his amazing ability to win and his touting he has been the showcase of a lot of positive publicity but also some jealous competitors have tried to imitate him and have tried to showcase him in a negative light. Unfortunately for them their efforts have been futile and worthless as handicapper Adam Meyer is the Most legitimate adviser out there and continues to be each year.

His select few clients who are able to speak directly with him have deep respect for what he is able to do and how he analyzes games. Simply put nobody does a better job of beating the bookmakers than Adam does.

If you get a call from somebody who tries to imitate AM than this is one of the popular scam warnings that he has had to put out to fight off imitators and impersonators due to his uncanny ability to pick winners.

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Topping NFL Teams On Adam Meyer Scams

Adam Meyer Scams, News, and Notes from the top football handicapper in all of Las Vegas.  Adam predicts his top NFL teams below.  His Tips will help you determine your NFL Picks Against The Spread.  Known as the best Vegas Insider reported on the Las Vegas Review Journal, Adam teaches his sports bettors on how to turn sports betting into sports investing.  Adam Meyer Scams, Tips and News can be very helpful to sports gamblers around the country.  See why ESPN hires him to consult their ESPN Picks on the live radio.  See Below why so many bettors call on him for his Adam Meyer Scams with bad teams to gamble on and tips on NFL Point Spreads advice.

Adam Meyer Scams, News and Notes

Top NFL teams to gamble on are below:

1)  New England Patriots – Tom Brady will lead an explosive offense again this year.  Look for them to cover the NFL Odds this upcoming season.  Wes Welker and those 2 big ass targets at tight ends will be Brady’s major weapons.  The Pats defense is young and improving.  Look for them to go deep in the playoffs and I have them covering a lot of the NFL Spreads in their games.

2)  Green Bay Packers – Aaron Rodgers is argueably the best QB in the NFL.  Look for him to have a superb season as he leads the Pacs to the Playoffs again.  Their defense was hurt all year long last year but look for the defense to step up this year again.  AJ Hawk will lead their defense to an NFC championship game.

More Adam Meyer Scams To Watch Out For

Houston Texans – Andre Johnson will get back to form this year.  The former Cane was injured all of last year with a hamstring problem.  Matt Schaub will have great targets with Arion Foster coming back as he carries the work load in the offense.  Look for the defense to be superior and improve from last year.  Even though they lost Mario Williams to Buffalo this year, the Texans will not lose a step this year.  They just need to stay healthy starting with the QB.

Dark Horse:  Denver Broncos – With a powerful all out defense now the Broncos add future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning to the fold for the offense.  He will have another former Cane to lead the team in rushing in Willis McGahee.  McGahee returned to form last year leading one of the top running games in all of the NFL.  Manning and McGahee will help cover the NFL Lines this year.

Watch Out For False Adam Meyer Scams

If you get a call of someone giving out NFL Picks that is not an 800 that goes like this  800-355-5883, then it’s most probably a Adam Meyer Scam.  People have been known to steal Adam Meyer’s identity and take advantage of his marketing power.  There are other types of scams out there like competitors talking false reports in the forums and other capping sites.

To learn more about Adam Meyer Scams, Click Here.

For Example, is a site that just talks bad about other football handicappers in general.  They are known to type up a lot of reports all over the internet about Adam Meyer Scams.  Again if you have any one that calls you to sell, hang up the phone and call the number above.  If they answer, then you can do business with them.

Be careful, there are a lot of Adam Meyer Scams and Wannabes out there.

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Rumors about Adam Meyer Scams

There are many Adam Meyer Scams around the internet today.  But that’s it, only on the internet.  There are no TV reports or published magazine articles talking about any type of Adam Meyer Scams.  So I have come to the conclusion that all these Adam Meyer Scams are rumors and are completely false.  From other competitors or from small time gamblers.  Adam Meyer is considered to be a top Vegas Insider.

Adam Meyer Scams are Completely False

When searching for Adam Meyer Scams, I only see little blogs and just comments that doesn’t even say the whole story about Adam Meyer.  Maybe it’s a gambler that just paid for Adam’s service for a one day package and lost that game.  These type of Adam Meyer Scam rumors don’t have any meaning or relevance.  But then when I see more stuff and search for more data I see articles like this.  And I also see TV News Reports like the one below.

All I see is Reports like in Cigar Aficionado and in the USA Today along with TV News Reports like Channel 7 in South Florida and Channel 13 in Las Vegas talking about his touting winning predictions and I can’t find any Adam Meyer Scams in those publications.

Adam Meyer Scams are Revealed Not True

Another type of Adam Meyer scams rumors are like the ones that competitors do.  They are irrelevant beginner handicappers that tend to just ride the negative news of others.  Thus, for example like  You can tell that these guys tend to talk bad about not only Adam Meyer Handicapper but of others as well.  However, as a top internet marketer and avid sports bettor you can see that they have only been around for a short time.

This website was built on September of 2011 and yet they have so much negative content on Top Handcappers like Adam Meyer.  Then I look for a site like and that site has been around for over 8 years.  So gamblers have to be aware of the type of Adam Meyer Scams content they are getting, and see how relevant is the source and the source’s reputation.

Adam Meyer Scams Out On The Public

Another thing that will concern me if I am Sports Bettor and hire a handicapping service like  I don’t see any news on them or any documented data on them as well.  They are obviously talking negative about others but no one is talking about them period.  This shows me that they are irrelevant to the handicapping industry.  I haven’ t seen any news reports, videos or articles talking about their services.   Sure Adam Meyer is not perfect by any means, neither is someone like Billy Walters but they have the experience and know on how to win in the long run.

Fill out your information below and I will send it to Adam’s Office.  He told me that he will get one of his Sports Betting Consultants and explain about his money management system for real gamblers.  He can also answer any questions about being a sought after football handicapper.  He says, there is no need to tarnish someone’s reputation and talk bad about a competitor.  There is so much money to be made as a sports bettor and as a capper if you can just follow a system and a ethical one as well.

So in the future, try to find out about where these so called Adam Meyer Scams are coming from and do your due diligence before believing them.

To finish up, I don’t see getting interviewed by CNBC like this below:

So be careful about believing all the so-called Adam Meyer Scams out there.

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